Annie Tarbutton left a 5 star review:

I can't say enough about how happy we are with Sault Animal Hospital and how well they took care of my daughter's puppy! Our little 2.5# Maltese, MolleyMae, broke her little leg just before Christmas:( We were told by the vet who did the xrays that there wasn't anyone local who could fix that type of fracture. I called several different veterinary hospitals downstate, the closest being Traverse City, and they all quoted me between $3100-$4,000! I inadvertently found out that Sault Animal Hospital did orthopedic pinning when I called there to get a price for amputation. Thank goodness we didn't have to do that!! The quote that we were given for the whole surgery, hospitalization, medications, follow up visits with repeat xrays at each visit was only $800!! We spent a fraction of the price to have the same thing done, at a local hospital, that we would have had downstate!! And Dr Jeff did an awesome job! Molley Mae's leg was crooked when she went in for surgery and now that her cast is off and the pin is out it doesn't look any different than the other one and she uses it just the same! The entire staff was friendly in person, as well as on the phone, and seemed to genuinely care and love our little puppy as we do!! Something I don't think we would have found downstate. This was actually the second positive experience we have had with Sault Animal Hospital in the past few months. The first one being an emergency transfer for our Lab who had emergency surgery for a suspected bowel obstruction and turned out to have a severe case of parvo. Dr Jeff welcomed him with open arms and the entire staff took amazing care of him as well! I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone!!

Charles Smith:

We were at our regular vet with our very sick dog Mac, he was diagnosed with bladder stones, one of them lodged blocking his urine track. They couldn't do anything for him but referred us to Dr. Jeff at Sault Animal Hospital. They were called and we were told to bring Mac in ASAP, we had over an hours drive and got there late in the day, they were ready for him, from that point on he was in good hands. 24 hrs later we picked him up a little groggy but doing fine. We feel that this kind of service is unheard of these days and we will be regular clients from now on.

Patricia Whitney:

I have been going to this veterinary hospital for about 7 years. Many of the staff have been there a long time which is always a good indication. Staff are very compassionate about the health of your pet. Until 4 months ago I just visited this hospital for yearly and routine exams and vaccines with nothing out of the ordinary. Facility is clean and wait times are good. Currently I have a 6 year old golden who is going thru the gold standard chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins B cell lymphoma. It was caught very early so prognosis is good. I am confident that Dr. Jeff and his staff are treating her with the best options available. My advice to anyone is to be your pets best advocate. Research any condition that your pet may have and talk in detail about all your concerns and treatment options available. Write them down before your visit. In the beginning I was afraid of what was going to happen. Dr. Jeff was very good about explaining the process and would call me back at home if I had a concern. I am confident that I made the right choice having my dog treated here.

Steve and Aldeen Anderson:

We wanted to thank you so much for the new lease on life you gave our 11 year old German Shepard Zoe.This spring, when our usual vet was on vacation, our back up vet also on vacation, it was pure serendipity that we found you. 60 miles from home, but still. Zoe could hardly move, and all movement was painful for her. We thought we'd have to say goodbye. I can't tell you how relieved and hopeful we were when told us you could help her with medication and chiropractic manipulation. Let me break into my own narrative here to let you know how impressed I was that you didn't have to sedate her to get x-rays. Since she's old and frail I was very concerned about anesthesia. Within a week she was a little better. After a month of manipulation she was a lot better. Now 9 months later, she's driving me crazy again wanting to play. Her enjoyment of life has returned with a vengeance. Thank you so much for this bonus time with our Zoe. Driving 120 mile round trip doesn't seem too much to ask.


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