We are providing large animal services to the Eastern Upper Peninsula and the Tip of the Mitt.  This is just a partial list of services provided:

  • Vaccinations:  We recommend EEE/WEE/ and tetanus vaccines for all horses.  For those showing or traveling, we also offer EHV, West Nile, and Strangles vaccines.
  • Complete physical exams:  find problems early, before they end your riding season
  • Parasite control programs
  • Lameness exams
  • Equine dentistry, including extractions
  • Emergency services
  • Mobile ultrasound and radiography
  • Breeding soundness exams
  • Pregnancy evaluations
  • Pre-purchase exams
  • Coggins tests:  We now participate with Global Vet digital Coggins.  No more waiting for the state to mail back the paperwork.  Now you can print off the forms from the website.  Most times in as little as three days!
  • Joint injections
  • Geldings and other minor on farm surgeries

We are also investing heavily in the equine population of the UP.  Sault Animal Hospital will soon be expanding with a new equine hospital.  Soon we will also be able to offer hospitalization and surgery right here in the UP!  Initial plans for the facility also include an indoor arena to allow year round lameness and performance evaluations.

Smartpak is now offering a program called ColiCare. This program comes with a $7,500 colic surgery reimbursement. For more information on annual requirements visit www.smartpak.com/ColiCare or stop by the clinic and pick up a brochure.